Wade Newsom

Poet | Performer | Life Coach


Poetic Notions
By Wade E Newsom

Poetic Notions is a soulful collection of combustible poetry, bursting with life, love, loss, and the journey of self discovery through the potent rhythms that fuel Wade Newsom’s imagination and delivery.

"Good poetry is heartfelt and responsive, thought-provoking and enlightening. But every once in a while a poem comes along that will really wake you up, reach every thread of your being, place the stitch that puts you back together. Wade Newsom's Participate did that for me, and his written and spoken word continue to feed my soul. Newsom's poems are inspired and inspiring, clever, poignant, and imaginative. They carry the weight of a sledgehammer, challenging individuals to tap into their personal power in order to lead a true life and ultimately save humanity."  
- Trina Ortega, Editor Mountain Flyer Magazine, Freelance Journalist

"Wade Newsom has a way with words that audiences really feel in their hearts. We have watched Wade move and inspire our audiences to tears at 5Point Film Festival with his delivery, flow, and thought provoking pieces. We can't wait for the release of his collection of poems. We know this project will be filled with eloquent grit and a message from his determined soul."
- Sarah Wood, Executive Director 5Point Film


"Wade has a unique talent with a fresh approach to poetry and spoken word. Verses flow smoothly like paints on a canvas. Very inspiring works." 

"Poetic Notions is a rare and inspiring read. I must say I have never been that into poetry, because all that I have been fed in the past are the classics, to which I have a hard time relating, or to more new age poetry that seems too cryptic for me to extract any real meaning from. Wade Newsom offers a fresh new approach that is incredibly accessible to our generation without being spoon fed..." see more

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