Wade Newsom

Poet | Performer | Life Coach

Wade Newsom is a poet in every sense of the word...

Close your eyes and open your hearts so that you can truly see. Be inspired by the sense of your own mortality. Participate in your existence!
— Excerpt from Wade's poem, Participate

Wade's sincere and adamant passion for life and living it to the fullest is obvious by the evident enjoyment he takes from performing and inspiring his audience and readers. He draws from a rich mosaic of experience that includes genuine success as a professional cyclist, an imaginative entrepreneur and an accomplished wordsmith. His poetry is moving and authentic as it evolves from Wade’s deep concern for the message, the resonating sound of his syllables and the soul rocking rhythm of the delivery. His poetry is a joy to read, but it truly takes on a life of its own through the spoken word of Wade’s penetrating and powerful performance on stage.

Wade’s performance of his poem Participate at the 2013 5Point Film Festival garnered him national attention in the spoken word and performing community. Since then, he has performed at venues across the country. including readings in the birthplace of the contemporary spoken presentation, Brooklyn, NY, and in his home town, Carbondale, CO. He has often performed at readings which featured other well known poets including Tony-Award winning poet Lemon Andersen.

Wade’s poetry and his spoken word performances are inspired and inspiring. They are heartfelt, poignant and thought-provoking and somehow at the same time responsive to his audience. His poems will speak to you like an old trusted friend, but will sometimes surprise you, coming at you with the weight of a sledgehammer. They will challenge you to tap into your own personal power and to live authentically by turning your “should haves” into “Hell Yeahs!”.